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Group factsheet / Axxion S.A

Axxion S.A

Group details Fund types managed
ManagerGroupLogo 15, rue de Flaxweiler,Grevenmacher,L-6776
Ph: +352 - 76 94 94 1
left Offshore Mutual
112 Funds Managed
RankFund 3yr(%) FE Crown rating Primary asset class 
1Abderus Fund - Global Universal Invest60.363Equityadd to basket
2Axxion Absolutissimo Think Tank39.242Mixed Assetadd to basket
3Axxion Absolutissimo Value Focus68.254Equityadd to basket
4Axxion Absolutissimo Xanti18.762Mixed Assetadd to basket
5Axxion Adelca Invest GI Multi Asset88.935Mixed Assetadd to basket
6Axxion Adelca Invest GVI Multi Asset96.345Mixed Assetadd to basket
7Axxion Adelca Invest TFI Multi Asset35.234Mixed Assetadd to basket
8Axxion Adelca Invest VI Multi Asset100.115Mixed Assetadd to basket
9Axxion Adorior Multi Asset32.743Mixed Assetadd to basket
10Axxion Aduno Global Invest20.892Mixed Assetadd to basket
11Axxion Adviser I Albrech & Cie Optiselect-SHEquityadd to basket
12Axxion Akrobat Europa55.042Equityadd to basket
13Axxion Akrobat Value29.791Equityadd to basket
14Axxion Albergo Multi Asset14.19SHMixed Assetadd to basket
15Axxion Alltrust 50-7.101Mixed Assetadd to basket
16Axxion Ape One50.72SHMixed Assetadd to basket
17Axxion Arbor Invest - Spezialrenten-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
18Axxion Arbor Invest Systematik34.142Mixed Assetadd to basket
19Axxion Arbor Invest Vermogensverwaltungsfonds19.122Mixed Assetadd to basket
20Axxion Berlin Strategie Portfolio 1113.19SHMixed Assetadd to basket
21Axxion Black Ferryman World Aggressive10.691Equityadd to basket
22Axxion Celerius GI Multi Asset-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
23Axxion Celerius Tfi Multiasset27.39SHMixed Assetadd to basket
24Axxion Celerius VI MultiAsset31.51SHMixed Assetadd to basket
25Axxion Commodity Capital Global Mining-SHCommodity/Energyadd to basket
26Axxion Concept I Sicav w&p Europe Balanced18.491Mixed Assetadd to basket
27Axxion Daidalos Multi Asset VI-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
28Axxion Dual Return Vision Microfinance8.632Fixed Interestadd to basket
29Axxion Dual Return Vision MicroFinance Local Currency-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
30Axxion First Class - Global Equities43.412Equityadd to basket
31Axxion Focus Prämienstrategie43.243Mixed Assetadd to basket
32Axxion FORUM Family Office Value-SHEquityadd to basket
33Axxion Ganador Ataraxia49.174Mixed Assetadd to basket
34Axxion Ganador CC Multi-Asset20.952Mixed Assetadd to basket
35Axxion Ganador CC Multi-Asset Spezial27.893Mixed Assetadd to basket
36Axxion Ganador Corporate Alpha11.152Fixed Interestadd to basket
37Axxion Ganador Global Strategie27.372Mixed Assetadd to basket
38Axxion Ganador Nova17.882Mixed Assetadd to basket
39Axxion Ganador Spirit Invest25.813Mixed Assetadd to basket
40Axxion Gerlachus Global Diversified24.891Mixed Assetadd to basket
41Axxion Green Balance85.415Equityadd to basket
42Axxion HB Rendite Global Plus25.432Mixed Assetadd to basket
43Axxion HB Strategie Hartwahrungsanlagen4.431Fixed Interestadd to basket
44Axxion HB SubstanzPlus21.692Mixed Assetadd to basket
45Axxion HRK Invest Leopoldfonds-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
46Axxion HRK Invest Tactical Allocation-4.04SHMixed Assetadd to basket
47Axxion HRK Invest Vermogensverwaltungs GP22.17SHMixed Assetadd to basket
48Axxion HRK Invest Vermogensverwaltungs HP17.22SHMixed Assetadd to basket
49Axxion HRK Invest Vermogensverwaltungs JP18.94SHMixed Assetadd to basket
50Axxion Intelligent Recommendations Global Growth-SHEquityadd to basket
51Axxion Kapital Ertrag Global-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
52Axxion KR Deutsche Aktien Spezial28.731Equityadd to basket
53Axxion Meridio GCC&MENA Opportunities10.111Equityadd to basket
54Axxion Meridio Multi Asset Strategy-7.381Mixed Assetadd to basket
55Axxion Multi Aquinoktium30.102Mixed Assetadd to basket
56Axxion Multi Axxion Concept-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
57Axxion Multi IM Puls 1-5.201Equityadd to basket
58Axxion Multi InCapital Taurus20.881Equityadd to basket
59Axxion Multi Kairos31.951Mixed Assetadd to basket
60Axxion Multi Platinum25.892Mixed Assetadd to basket
61Axxion Multi RCS Universal37.443Mixed Assetadd to basket
62Axxion Multi RDB Universal38.814Mixed Assetadd to basket
63Axxion Multi Structure 4D Asset Oszillator9.481Equityadd to basket
64Axxion Multi Structure Contiomagus4.001Mixed Assetadd to basket
65Axxion Multi Structure Investtor SRI Global42.873Mixed Assetadd to basket
66Axxion Multiwert Superfund Absolute Return27.231Mixed Assetadd to basket
67Axxion Nowinta Primus Balance39.593Mixed Assetadd to basket
68Axxion Nowinta Primus Global47.963Mixed Assetadd to basket
69Axxion PARIUM Balanced16.371Mixed Assetadd to basket
70Axxion PARIUM Dynamic35.982Mixed Assetadd to basket
71Axxion PARIUM Relaxed14.171Mixed Assetadd to basket
72Axxion PBO Global Portfolio3.181Mixed Assetadd to basket
73Axxion PBO Trend Portfolio3.111Mixed Assetadd to basket
74Axxion PBO Vermogensmandat Global30.961Equityadd to basket
75Axxion PEH Empire30.291Mixed Assetadd to basket
76Axxion PEH Inflation Linked Bonds Flexibel14.472Fixed Interestadd to basket
77Axxion PEH Q Europa48.221Equityadd to basket
78Axxion PEH Q Renten Global10.131Fixed Interestadd to basket
79Axxion PEH Renten EvoPro5.301Fixed Interestadd to basket
80Axxion PEH Strategie Flexibel48.553Mixed Assetadd to basket
81Axxion PVM Flex44.351Equityadd to basket
82Axxion RVF - Bond6.301Fixed Interestadd to basket
83Axxion RVF - Equity51.412Equityadd to basket
84Axxion Smart Invest Dividendum AR34.892Mixed Assetadd to basket
85Axxion Smart Invest Global Canis-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
86Axxion Smart Invest Helios AR32.562Mixed Assetadd to basket
87Axxion Smart Invest Proteus AR15.282Mixed Assetadd to basket
88Axxion Special Bond - Opportunities-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
89Axxion Squad European Convictions-SHEquityadd to basket
90Axxion Squad Growth72.644Equityadd to basket
91Axxion Squad Makro52.732Equityadd to basket
92Axxion Squad Value44.921Equityadd to basket
93Axxion Top Vermogen Concept Value32.451Equityadd to basket
94Axxion Top Vermogen Select30.583Mixed Assetadd to basket
95Axxion Tranquilo Multi Asset-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
96Axxion UMF - Defensive Capital AMA-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
97Axxion USM - Fonds fuer Vermoegensentwicklung-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
98Axxion USM - Signal-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
99Axxion USM - Signal DAX Systematic-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
100Axxion USM - Signal Währung FX Global-SHMixed Assetadd to basket