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Group factsheet / Candriam


Group details Fund types managed
ManagerGroupLogo Société Anonyme,283, Route D'arlon,L-1150 Luxembourg,R.c. Luxembourg,B 37647
Ph: (352)2543432199
Fax: (352) 25 43 43 4940
s Offshore Insurance
left Offshore Mutual
212 Funds Managed
RankFund 3yr(%) FE Crown rating Primary asset class 
1A A Candriam ISR23.644Fixed Interestadd to basket
2A A Candriam Oblig Euro19.804Fixed Interestadd to basket
3BIL Patrimonial Defensive15.062Fixed Interestadd to basket
4BIL Patrimonial High13.942Mixed Assetadd to basket
5BIL Patrimonial Low EUR 3011.082Mixed Assetadd to basket
6BIL Patrimonial Low USD6.673Mixed Assetadd to basket
7BIL Patrimonial Medium12.162Mixed Assetadd to basket
8BIL Prime Advanced Cash Management EUR0.14USMoney Marketadd to basket
9BIL Prime Advanced Cash Management USD-0.114Money Marketadd to basket
10BIL Prime Advanced Cash Plus 1002.85USHedgeadd to basket
11BIL Prime Advanced Cash Plus 403.44USHedgeadd to basket
12BIL Prime Advanced High Euro17.122Mixed Assetadd to basket
13BIL Prime Advanced Low Euo11.142Mixed Assetadd to basket
14BIL Prime Advanced Medium EUR17.053Mixed Assetadd to basket
15BIL Prime Advanced Medium Euro15.183Mixed Assetadd to basket
16BIL Prime Advanced Medium USD7.592Mixed Assetadd to basket
17BIL Prime Advanced Total Return Bonds10.842Fixed Interestadd to basket
18Candriam Allocation Belgian Bonds25.945Fixed Interestadd to basket
19Candriam ALTERNATIVE RETURN Systemat4.70USHedgeadd to basket
20Candriam Bond Europe Convert13.452Fixed Interestadd to basket
21Candriam Bond Europe Convertibles11.442Fixed Interestadd to basket
22Candriam Bond International12.012Fixed Interestadd to basket
23Candriam Bonds Emerging Debt Local Currencies4.932Fixed Interestadd to basket
24Candriam Bonds Emerging Markets23.235Fixed Interestadd to basket
25Candriam Bonds Euro19.543Fixed Interestadd to basket
26Candriam Bonds Euro Convergence21.653Fixed Interestadd to basket
27Candriam Bonds Euro Corporate18.943Fixed Interestadd to basket
28Candriam Bonds Euro Corporate Ex-Financials18.293Fixed Interestadd to basket
29Candriam Bonds Euro Government20.762Fixed Interestadd to basket
30Candriam Bonds Euro Government Investment Grade21.312Fixed Interestadd to basket
31Candriam Bonds Euro High Yield36.764Fixed Interestadd to basket
32Candriam Bonds Euro Inflation Linked7.882Fixed Interestadd to basket
33Candriam Bonds Euro Long Term34.702Fixed Interestadd to basket
34Candriam Bonds Euro Long Term Distribution34.532Fixed Interestadd to basket
35Candriam Bonds Euro Short Term7.552Fixed Interestadd to basket
36Candriam Bonds Europe Convertible18.393Fixed Interestadd to basket
37Candriam Bonds Europe Government Plus14.862Fixed Interestadd to basket
38Candriam Bonds Global Convertible Optimum10.911Fixed Interestadd to basket
39Candriam Bonds Global High Yield27.843Fixed Interestadd to basket
40Candriam Bonds Global Sovereign Quality5.211Fixed Interestadd to basket
41Candriam Bonds High Spread24.634Fixed Interestadd to basket
42Candriam Bonds International10.912Fixed Interestadd to basket
43Candriam Bonds Sustainable Euro15.623Fixed Interestadd to basket
44Candriam Bonds Sustainable Euro Government16.182Fixed Interestadd to basket
45Candriam Bonds Total Return13.712Fixed Interestadd to basket
46Candriam Bonds Turkey22.281Fixed Interestadd to basket
47Candriam Bonds US Dollar Government5.385Fixed Interestadd to basket
48Candriam Bonds USD8.825Fixed Interestadd to basket
49Candriam Bonds World Government Plus6.252Fixed Interestadd to basket
50Candriam Clickinvest B Autocall8.84USStructured Productsadd to basket
51Candriam Clickinvest B Best Yield 16.54USStructured Productsadd to basket
52Candriam Clickinvest B Fix 201811.84USStructured Productsadd to basket
53Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 10 Energy1.89USStructured Productsadd to basket
54Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 11 Health Care29.54USStructured Productsadd to basket
55Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 1317.80USStructured Productsadd to basket
56Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 147.37USStructured Productsadd to basket
57Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 15 Energy5.62USStructured Productsadd to basket
58Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 16 Pharma40.43USStructured Productsadd to basket
59Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 17 Pharma61.29USStructured Productsadd to basket
60Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 76.27USStructured Productsadd to basket
61Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 85.85USStructured Productsadd to basket
62Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked 933.18USStructured Productsadd to basket
63Candriam Clickinvest B Index Linked Telecom18.741Equityadd to basket
64Candriam Clickinvest B Lock The Performance5.34USStructured Productsadd to basket
65Candriam Clickinvest B Minimax9.892Fixed Interestadd to basket
66Candriam Clickinvest B Minimax 29.67USStructured Productsadd to basket
67Candriam Clickinvest B Minimax 38.141Fixed Interestadd to basket
68Candriam Clickinvest B Minimax 4 Green Planet8.78USStructured Productsadd to basket
69Candriam Clickinvest B Minimax 55.151Fixed Interestadd to basket
70Candriam Clickinvest B Performance 103.621Fixed Interestadd to basket
71Candriam Clickinvest B Sustainable2.15USStructured Productsadd to basket
72Candriam Clickinvest B Switch18.59USStructured Productsadd to basket
73Candriam Clickinvest B Top 16.241Fixed Interestadd to basket
74Candriam Diversified Futures-2.24USHedgeadd to basket
75Candriam Dynamix 9313.973Mixed Assetadd to basket
76Candriam Dynamix Global11.522Mixed Assetadd to basket
77Candriam Dynamix Medium5.141Mixed Assetadd to basket
78Candriam Equities B Belgium38.421Equityadd to basket
79Candriam Equities B BRIC-5.491Equityadd to basket
80Candriam Equities B China13.373Equityadd to basket
81Candriam Equities B Emerging Europe-10.133Equityadd to basket
82Candriam Equities B Europe27.333Equityadd to basket
83Candriam Equities B Europe Small & Mid Caps38.163Equityadd to basket
84Candriam Equities B Global Energy17.303Commodity/Energyadd to basket
85Candriam Equities B Global Finance44.042Equityadd to basket
86Candriam Equities B Global Health Care60.163Equityadd to basket
87Candriam Equities B Global Industrials26.052Equityadd to basket
88Candriam Equities B Global Technology37.543Equityadd to basket
89Candriam Equities B Global Telecom40.043Equityadd to basket
90Candriam Equities B Leading Brands54.592Equityadd to basket
91Candriam Equities B Mediterranean13.481Equityadd to basket
92Candriam Equities B Nordic35.583Equityadd to basket
93Candriam Equities L Asia9.483Equityadd to basket
94Candriam Equities L Australia37.342Equityadd to basket
95Candriam Equities L Biotechnology110.935Equityadd to basket
96Candriam Equities L Emerging Europe-13.513Equityadd to basket
97Candriam Equities L Emerging Markets6.713Equityadd to basket
98Candriam Equities L EMU22.922Equityadd to basket
99Candriam Equities L Euro 5018.781Equityadd to basket
100Candriam Equities L Europe27.212Equityadd to basket