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Group factsheet / MASTERINVEST Kapitalanlage Gmb

MASTERINVEST Kapitalanlage Gmb

Group details Fund types managed
ManagerGroupLogo Landstrasser Haupstrasse 1, Top 27, Wien,1030
Ph: +43 0 504141479
Fax: +43 0 504141058
left Offshore Mutual
38 Funds Managed
RankFund 3yr(%) FE Crown rating Primary asset class 
1Acatis Aktien Global Value Fonds52.703Equityadd to basket
2Crystal Roof Rubin38.483Mixed Assetadd to basket
3Crystal Roof Safir29.783Mixed Assetadd to basket
4Crystal Roof Smaragd20.893Mixed Assetadd to basket
5Golden Roof Branchen41.262Equityadd to basket
6Golden Roof Europa49.233Equityadd to basket
7Golden Roof Welt46.893Equityadd to basket
8HCM Aktien Global-SHEquityadd to basket
9HCM Bond Select16.003Fixed Interestadd to basket
10HCM Dynamic Value22.173Mixed Assetadd to basket
11Hypo Cash Plus2.023Money Marketadd to basket
12Hypo Corporate Bond Fund15.142Fixed Interestadd to basket
13Hypo Dynamic Selection26.232Mixed Assetadd to basket
14Hypo Europa Bond11.162Fixed Interestadd to basket
15Hypo Garantie4.291Mixed Assetadd to basket
16Hypo Global Balanced27.723Mixed Assetadd to basket
17Hypo HCM Eurasian Pearls-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
18Hypo Invest25.734Fixed Interestadd to basket
19Hypo MI Multi Strategy SRI10.612Mixed Assetadd to basket
20Hypo Mündel Fonds10.072Fixed Interestadd to basket
21Hypo NO-VK VG1 HTM19.775Mixed Assetadd to basket
22Hypo PF Ausgewogen28.513Mixed Assetadd to basket
23Hypo PF Kapitalgewinn53.443Equityadd to basket
24Hypo PF Liquidität2.131Fixed Interestadd to basket
25Hypo PF Zinsertrag13.293Fixed Interestadd to basket
26Hypo RENT13.482Fixed Interestadd to basket
27Hypo South Eastern European Opportunities13.014Equityadd to basket
28Hypo STAR Dynamisch57.194Equityadd to basket
29Hypo Vermögensmanagement 10019.483Mixed Assetadd to basket
30Hypo Vermögensmanagement 3016.192Mixed Assetadd to basket
31Hypo Vermögensmanagement 6023.162Mixed Assetadd to basket
32Hypo Weltportfolio Aktien59.243Equityadd to basket
33NÖ Hypo Ausgewogen20.662Mixed Assetadd to basket
34NÖ Hypo Wachstum35.343Mixed Assetadd to basket
35Oppenheim Asset Backed Securities86.445Fixed Interestadd to basket
36StrategieInvest Classic16.321Mixed Assetadd to basket
37StrategieInvest Dynamic17.641Mixed Assetadd to basket
38Tri Style Fund16.042Mixed Assetadd to basket