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Group factsheet / KBC Insurance

KBC Insurance

Group details Fund types managed
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left Offshore Insurance
s Offshore Mutual
92 Funds Managed
RankFund 3yr(%) FE Crown rating Primary asset class 
1KBC Life Alternative Master15.43USStructured Productsadd to basket
2KBC Life D Fortis Plus9.012Equityadd to basket
3KBC Life D Plus8.423Mixed Assetadd to basket
4KBC Life D Safe6.422Mixed Assetadd to basket
5KBC Life Flexible Start 2 Enjoy 2012-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
6KBC Life Flexible Start 2 Enjoy 2012 2-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
7KBC Life Flexible Start 2 Enjoy 2013-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
8KBC Life Institutional One38.334Equityadd to basket
9KBC Life Institutional Two41.794Equityadd to basket
10KBC Life Inv SEC NLB Vit Emerging Market Winner31.665Equityadd to basket
11KBC Life Inv Sec NLB Vita Asia27.514Equityadd to basket
12KBC Life Inv SEC NLB Vita Cliq Djeu20.123Mixed Assetadd to basket
13KBC Life Inv SEC NLB Vita Cliq Djeu 5010.31USStructured Productsadd to basket
14KBC Life Inv SEC NLB Vita Cliquet DAX16.16USStructured Productsadd to basket
15KBC Life Inv SEC NLB Vita JumpStart10.12USStructured Productsadd to basket
16KBC Life Inv SEC NLB Vita Sustainable6.902Equityadd to basket
17KBC Life Invest Cash-0.182Money Marketadd to basket
18KBC Life Invest Defensive22.372Mixed Assetadd to basket
19KBC Life Invest European Bonds18.052Fixed Interestadd to basket
20KBC Life Invest European Equities57.053Equityadd to basket
21KBC Life Invest Flexible CSOB Private Banking Renta 03/201024.311Fixed Interestadd to basket
22KBC Life Invest HUF 524.551Equityadd to basket
23KBC Life Invest Neutral31.841Equityadd to basket
24KBC Life Invest Secur Interest Dec 20143.441Fixed Interestadd to basket
25KBC Life Invest Secur Interest Jan 20154.27SSFixed Interestadd to basket
26KBC Life Invest Secur Interest Nov 20143.061Fixed Interestadd to basket
27KBC Life Invest Secur Interest Oct 20142.971Fixed Interestadd to basket
28KBC Life Invest Security Interest12.483Fixed Interestadd to basket
29KBC Life Invest Security Interest Click13.44USStructured Productsadd to basket
30KBC Life Invest Stock Selection Plus22.561Equityadd to basket
31KBC Life Invest Top 5 Sectors52.582Equityadd to basket
32KBC Life Invest World Equities52.982Equityadd to basket
33KBC Life Master CSOB PP Bal Pro19.031Mixed Assetadd to basket
34KBC Life Master CSOB PP Def Pro7.901Mixed Assetadd to basket
35KBC Life Master Dynamic Mix38.721Mixed Assetadd to basket
36KBC Life Medium5.691Fixed Interestadd to basket
37KBC Life MI Best Of 16-SHEquityadd to basket
38KBC Life MI Best Of 19-SHEquityadd to basket
39KBC Life MI Best Of New Quality Stock 6-SHMoney Marketadd to basket
40KBC Life MI Best Of New Quality Stocks 9-SHMoney Marketadd to basket
41KBC Life MI CBC Sec Lookback Jumpst24.41USStructured Productsadd to basket
42KBC Life MI Interest 16-SHMoney Marketadd to basket
43KBC Life MI Interest Multiplier 4-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
44KBC Life MI Interest Multiplier Best of 1-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
45KBC Life MI SEC Family Enterprise6.68USStructured Productsadd to basket
46KBC Life MI SEC Head Start Belgium Financial46.762Equityadd to basket
47KBC Life MI SEC Head Start Sustain41.54USStructured Productsadd to basket
48KBC Life MI SEC Jumpstart 80050.355Fixed Interestadd to basket
49KBC Life MI SEC Jumpstart 90040.683Fixed Interestadd to basket
50KBC Life MI Security Asian Winners52.30USStructured Productsadd to basket
51KBC Life MI Security Best Of World Select-SHEquityadd to basket
52KBC Life MI Security Buy Back5.69USStructured Productsadd to basket
53KBC Life MI Security Global Selection-SHEquityadd to basket
54KBC Life MI Security Global Selection Comfort Booster-SHEquityadd to basket
55KBC Life MI Security Health Care-SHEquityadd to basket
56KBC Life MI Security Interest Click13.443Fixed Interestadd to basket
57KBC Life MI Security Quality Stocks42.635Equityadd to basket
58KBC Life MI Security World Select-SHEquityadd to basket
59KBC Life MI Security World Select Comfort Booster-SHEquityadd to basket
60KBC Life MI Security World Sustainables1.721Equityadd to basket
61KBC Life NLB Vita China Winner43.72USStructured Productsadd to basket
62KBC Life NLB Vita Emerging Asia12.183Equityadd to basket
63KBC Life NLB Vita Family Enterprise15.061Equityadd to basket
64KBC Life NLB Vita Financial4.071Equityadd to basket
65KBC Life NLB Vita Stock Selection24.162Fixed Interestadd to basket
66KBC Life Privileged Portfolio Protected 85 August33.851Equityadd to basket
67KBC Life Privileged Portfolio Protected 85 February31.631Equityadd to basket
68KBC Life Privileged Portfolio Protected 90 August23.431Equityadd to basket
69KBC Life Privileged Portfolio Protected 90 Februari26.741Equityadd to basket
70KBC Life Privileged Portfolio Protected 95 August15.811Mixed Assetadd to basket
71KBC Life Privileged Portfolio Protected 95 Februari19.031Mixed Assetadd to basket
72KBC Life Security DZI World Selection21.331Equityadd to basket
73KBC Life Security Interest 1012.483Fixed Interestadd to basket
74KBC Life Security Interest 1112.472Fixed Interestadd to basket
75KBC Life Security Interest 1215.483Fixed Interestadd to basket
76KBC Life Security Interest 1314.453Fixed Interestadd to basket
77KBC Life Security Interest 1415.473Fixed Interestadd to basket
78KBC Life Security Interest 1513.893Fixed Interestadd to basket
79KBC Life Security Interest 1614.713Fixed Interestadd to basket
80KBC Life Security Interest 1714.173Fixed Interestadd to basket
81KBC Life Security Interest 1814.243Fixed Interestadd to basket
82KBC Life Security Interest 2014.193Fixed Interestadd to basket
83KBC Life Security Interest 2114.823Fixed Interestadd to basket
84KBC Life Security Interest 2213.113Fixed Interestadd to basket
85KBC Life Security Interest 64.831Fixed Interestadd to basket
86KBC Life Security Interest 88.222Fixed Interestadd to basket
87KBC Life Security Interest 98.552Fixed Interestadd to basket
88KBC Life Security Interest Dec 20143.441Fixed Interestadd to basket
89KBC Life Security Interest Jan 20154.271Fixed Interestadd to basket
90KBC Life Security Interest Nov 20143.061Fixed Interestadd to basket
91KBC Life Security Interest Oct 20142.971Fixed Interestadd to basket
92KBC Life Stock Selection Plus 223.552Equityadd to basket