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Group factsheet / Warburg Invest KAG mbH

Warburg Invest KAG mbH

Group details Fund types managed
ManagerGroupLogo WARBURG INVEST KAG MBH,Ferdinandstr. 65-67,Hamburg,D-20095
Ph: +49 40 3282-5100
left Offshore Mutual
49 Funds Managed
RankFund 3yr(%) FE Crown rating Primary asset class 
1Advisor Global36.623Equityadd to basket
2AE&S Struktur Selekt6.41USStructured Productsadd to basket
3AE&S Substanz Selekt-17.21USStructured Productsadd to basket
4AEQUO GLOBAL6.092Mixed Assetadd to basket
5AES Rendite Selekt19.993Fixed Interestadd to basket
6AES Selekt A 1-0.111Mixed Assetadd to basket
7AFA Global Werte Stabilisierungs Fonds-SHEquityadd to basket
8Alstertor Portfolio Flexibel12.663Mixed Assetadd to basket
9Alstertor Portfolio Kapitalgewinn18.233Mixed Assetadd to basket
10Banken Fokus Basel III31.963Fixed Interestadd to basket
11Bremen Trust Warburg Fonds29.733Mixed Assetadd to basket
12Degussa Bank Portfolio Privat Aktiv18.091Mixed Assetadd to basket
13Global Economic Performance Fonds15.892Equityadd to basket
14HMT Absolute Return L&S-5.24USMixed Assetadd to basket
15Inovesta Stabil Warburg Invest-1.711Mixed Assetadd to basket
16MPF Global Fonds Warburg25.733Equityadd to basket
17RP Global Absolute Return-11.07USMixed Assetadd to basket
18RP Global Absolute Return Bond10.98USFixed Interestadd to basket
19RP Global Diversified Portfolio I-11.861Mixed Assetadd to basket
20RP Global Diversified Portfolio II-5.381Mixed Assetadd to basket
21RP Global Diversified Portfolio III9.842Mixed Assetadd to basket
22RP Global Real Estate-23.341Propertyadd to basket
23Strategiefonds Sachwerte Global7.142Mixed Assetadd to basket
24Strategiefonds Sachwerte Global Defensiv4.571Mixed Assetadd to basket
25Warburg Bund Trend Active Short Fonds-21.181Money Marketadd to basket
26Warburg Classic Fonds23.783Mixed Assetadd to basket
27Warburg Constantia Fundamentum Fonds-20.521Mixed Assetadd to basket
28Warburg Daxtrend Fonds16.972Equityadd to basket
29Warburg Defensiv Fonds7.12USStructured Productsadd to basket
30Warburg Duo Best Selection Fonds3.541Mixed Assetadd to basket
31Warburg Euro Renten Trend Fonds7.941Fixed Interestadd to basket
32Warburg Global Konzept Stabilisierung-SHEquityadd to basket
33Warburg Multi-Asset Select Fonds14.023Mixed Assetadd to basket
34Warburg Ordo Rentenfonds2.761Fixed Interestadd to basket
35Warburg Privatconsult Fonds12.492Mixed Assetadd to basket
36Warburg Renten Plus Fonds19.173Fixed Interestadd to basket
37Warburg Stiftungsfonds14.863Mixed Assetadd to basket
38Warburg Trend Allocation Plus Fonds16.163Mixed Assetadd to basket
39Warburg Trend Return Plus Fonds4.191Mixed Assetadd to basket
40Warburg US Diversified Trend Fonds14.921Equityadd to basket
41Warburg US Treasury Bonds Trends Fonds-3.141Fixed Interestadd to basket
42Warburg Wachstum Strategiefonds7.011Mixed Assetadd to basket
43Warburg Zinstrend Fonds-6.871Fixed Interestadd to basket
44Warburg-Profil-Fonds27.854Fixed Interestadd to basket
45WI WI Selekt C5.93USMixed Assetadd to basket
46WI WI Selekt D-2.791Mixed Assetadd to basket
47WI WI Selekt I-5.691Propertyadd to basket
48World Top Defensiv Fonds-7.621Mixed Assetadd to basket
49Zukunft Strategiefonds13.711Equityadd to basket